Fire Rated Windows

Fire can be incredibly devastating; it can ruin homes and lives. With fire rated window screens, you can help to protect you and your home. At Bulleen Screens, we can manufacture and fit your fire rated window screens in the Melbourne metropolitan area, giving you the best defence against fire.

We serve both the trade and public sectors, offering a service to suit you. We can simply manufacture your fire rated window screens, and we can also offer installation services. This can range from installing window screens that you have measured yourself, or you can call us to come and measure and quote for you, giving you added peace of mind that the measurements have all been done correctly. Read More

Fire Rated Window Screens Melbourne

Bulleen Screens fire rated window screens meet the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) and you can be confident that your home is defended should the worst happen. With fire rated window screens, it can stop a dangerous fire from spreading and wreaking havoc. Having the right defences in place is imperative; it gives you more time and provides escape routes to safety.

You can choose from a normal flyscreen window with either aluminium mesh (BAL levels 12.5, 19 or 29) or stainless steel (BAL 40). Further advantages of choosing a flyscreen window include being able to keep out insects, leaves and other debris that may enter your property.

You also have the option of INVISI-GARD windows, which can be used as fire attenuation screens. This means that in the event of a fire, they can dissipate heat, but will not block everything. They work particularly well when a property is close to another building, such as modern apartment blocks, giving you added peace of mind that everything is compliant with Australian building codes.

INVIS-GARD windows are made from a thick aluminium outer frame with 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel black mesh. As black absorbs the light, your views are not obstructed, which makes them barely visible. Like a standard flyscreen, they will keep out pesky bugs and other airborne debris. As well as this, the mesh is security grade, and therefore it acts as a deterrent to potential thieves.

Why Choose Bulleen Screens for Your Fire Rated Windows?

When it comes to security windows and doors, there is no such thing as a standard size. Therefore, at Bulleen Screens, we make your fire rated window screens to your exact specifications. This way, you can be sure that you have a great fit and defence.

Thanks to our technical prowess, we can complete even your most difficult jobs. Where others have failed, we can supply and install fire rated window screens for your property.

All jobs are completed to a high standard, and thanks to our great reputation, we are a trusted name and used by many window companies and builders throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area. With 40 years’ experience, you can choose us for your windows with confidence.

View our full range of fire rated window screens & other security products such as fire screens, retractable flyscreenssteel doors, metal doors on our website and look forward to having well-fitted windows from Bulleen Screens.

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Benefits of Bush Fire rated screens:
  • Comply with the building permit requirements by fitting screens that comply with the requirements of the Australian Standard AS3959-2009.
  • Reduces the risk that windborne embers or flying debris will penetrate glass and cause your soft furnishings to ignite.
Drawbacks of Bush Fire rated screens:
  • Additional cost of fitting screens and/or materials to glass you would otherwise not have screened.
  • Sometimes the only economic method to install the screens might necessitate that the screens aren’t removable, making cleaning the glass more difficult.
  • Because compliant screens at BAL-12.5 and above require metal mesh, the quality of finish and potential for kinks/dents and sagging mesh increases. This is a limitation in the nature of these mesh types and not a reflection on the amount of care we take in making the screens.
  • In our opinion, some BAL compliant screens may make escape through open windows more difficult in an emergency.
What makes a screen BAL compliant? (in simple terms):
  • Essentially as the BAL risk increases, more fire resistant materials are required and more glass on the building is required to be screened.
  • BAL-Low has no requirements at all.
  • BAL-12.5 requires a metal frame and aluminium mesh
  • BAL-19 requires a metal frame and aluminium mesh
  • BAL-29 requires glass below 400mm from the ground is required to be screened and the frame is to be metal and the mesh at least aluminium.
  • At BAL-40 both the opening and fixed portions of all glass need to be screened and the mesh must be Stainless Steel and must be fixed to windows and doors with metal fixings.

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