Retractable Screen Doors

Bi-fold doors and French doors are increasingly popular in modern houses. Providing excellent ventilation and wide openings to alfresco entertaining areas it’s easy to see why they are popular.  However in most instances these types of doors provide challenges in protecting a home from insects or airborne debris with regular flyscreens.

To cater for this we have several types of retractable flyscreens for you to choose from to suit your particular requirements.

NOTE SEPT 2018: From the video filmed in 2014, we no longer offer the TechRoll flat mesh retractable, nor the Generic “Type A” or “Type B”. “Jumbo” is now “Formosa” and they offer a replacement for the “Generic Type B” with the flat bottom track and chain.

Benefits of Retractable Screens:
We can offer a range of options from reputable manufacturers to suit your physical and budgetary requirements.
Protect from insects and airborne debris coming inside
  • Protect from insects and airborne debris coming inside
  • Are hidden from view when not in use
  • Virtually the only alternative to screen Bi-Fold doors. Often good for French Doors where space is tight (preventing a pair of traditional hinged flydoors being installed opening the opposite way to your entry doors).
  • Can be retracted both horizontally (most common) or vertically depending on the style of window or door.
Drawbacks of Retractable Screens:
  • Due to the size of the tracks and retracting mechanism, installations work best when they are planned for during the building process. However we can usually retro-fit to existing openings and always aim to ensure visible parts ‘blend in’ with the door surrounds.
  • Compared with traditional ‘framed’ screens, they have more moving parts which can increase the risk of inconvenient faults in future.
  • Some screens can be difficult to see and this needs to be considered in homes with kids and pets when selecting the right screen for you.
  • Cost.

Pleated flyscreen with a more slimline and compact design than other pleated screens.

  • Compact Design
  • Designed in Taiwan to withstand typhoon conditions
  • Quiet
  • The mesh has a 7 year warranty on pleat retention
  • Mesh is not attached at bottom so if screen is impacted the mesh most often slips easily back into place
  • Pleats make mesh easier to see however some people may prefer the look of a non-pleated mesh.
  • Tracks on floor have a deep channel which can be a tripping hazard (depending on your existing door sill & floor configuration)

Maximum Size (single): 2600mm H x 4000mm W
Maximum Size (double): 2600mm H x 8000mm W
Available in a limited range of colours


For uncompromising quality and a modern appearance this screen is a significant step-up from our basic range. A unique mesh-to-track retention system which prevents the mesh sagging and stops mesh blowouts. The easy to operate brake system enables the screen to stop safely in any position.

  • Australian Design and Manufacture from company with long history of expertise with retractable screens.
  • Mesh provides excellent visibility and does not obstruct views outside. However it can sometimes be difficult to see.
  • Unique ‘brake system’ enables screen to be stopped in whatever position you choose (ie. Half open).
  • Top quality components and construction delivering a robust and reliable screen
  • The mesh is secured  in the tracks which means it won’t get blown out by the wind, however can be pushed out by kids/pets
  • Canister which screen retracts into can appear large against door surrounds.

Maximum Size (single): 2700mm high x 3500mm wide or 3500mm high x 2700mm wide.
Maximum Size (double): 2700mm high x 7000mm wide or 3500mm high x 5400mm wide
Cassette Dimensions: 50mm x 50mm or 70mm x 70mm
Available in a variety of finishes 

clip image006 Retractable Insect Screens clip image008 Retractable Insect Screens

Top of the range retractable screen offering high quality design and components suitable for even very large openings. Best results when incorporated into building plans before build however can be retrofitted into existing spaces.

  • Australian design and manufacture
  • Load Balancing Technology™ : allows for the effortless fingertip control from this counter weighted system. With no crude spring-loading to fight against, the screen remains firmly in any chosen position until further pressure is applied. Load-balancing also means far greater tension across the mesh eliminating any tendency for sag.
  • Tight Technology™:  ensuring control of the horizontal edges of the screen so they remain straight and tight across the widest spans.
  • Shock Absorption: In the majority of cases the shock absorption mechanism prevents system damage by redirecting impact away from the screen.
  • Self-Feeding Mechanism: Should winds blow the screen out of the top or bottom channels the fabric will self-feed back onto the roll.
  • Excellent visibility
  • The frame is a large box section that runs the full height and width of the opening. This gives it a consistent look.
  • 5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Maximum Size (single): 3200mm high x 4500mm wide
Maximum Size (double): 3200mm high x 9000mm wide
Available in a clear anodised finish, custom powder coat colours and real wood veneers. Is also available with a sunshade instead of a screen, or as a double, up to 4500 wide, you can have a sunshade in one end and an insect screen in the other.


clip image010 Retractable Insect Screens
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