Metal Doors

At Bulleen Screens, we have a fantastic range of metal doors in Melbourne that give your home the security you need.

We are proud to serve both the trade and public with our services and we can manufacture your metal doors for you. If you require further services, we can also measure, quote, manufacture and install your new doors for you, giving you everything you need to give you home the best defence.

Metal Steel Doors Melbourne

Metal doors give you choice and you can choose one that does everything you want it to do. At Bulleen Screens, we have steel door and aluminium door options and you can choose the type of metal that best suits your needs.

Aluminium doors offer you an affordable choice and add extra security to your home. They can be made to look stylish and we have a range of grille patterns available, so you can choose a style that complements your home and offers you the protection you want.

They provide an excellent deterrent to potential burglars. Burglars often hunt for homes with weak entry points, such as doorways or an open window. With an aluminium security door, even the sight of one can be off-putting.

Aluminium is also resistant to corrosion, so you can expect your new door to look good years after it has been installed.

They can also be upgraded to add even more security to your home with features such as a 3-point lock. Along with this, you have options for different colours and designs. Read More

Metal Doors: Strong, Tough and Durable

“Australian Standards compliant metal “Security Doors” are your best protections against break-ins and theft and these are often your best option where you want the highest level of security. They are more expensive than inferior, non-compliant ‘Barrier’ doors because of this.

What’s more, stainless steel is incredibly durable, so like aluminium, you can expect your stainless steel door to be long-lasting.

When choosing a steel door, like aluminium, you do not have to compromise on style. At Bulleen Screens, we have a range of patterns and colours that can look fantastic on your home and enhance its appearance.

Installing the Best Steel Doors in Melbourne

With a steel door from Bulleen Screens, you can be confident that you have given your home the best protection. As each door is bespoke, your security door will fit your home like a glove and do the job you want it to do. We can offer steel doors in Melbourne of varying specifications, and this way, you can choose a door within your budget.

We can also supply you with a door that suits your home including metal doors, insect door screens security grill doors in many styles and colors to meet your individual needs. We understand that when you install a steel door, the last thing you want is for your door to look out of place. With a huge variety of designs on offer, including a ‘design your own grille pattern’, you can be sure that your door will look like it was created for your home.

Get your Metal Doors Fitted from Bulleen Screens Melbourne

No matter which type of metal frame door you are after, Bulleen Screens can manufacture the one that is right for you.

We have over 40 years’ experience in the industry and we use this to bring you the best metal doors in Melbourne that give you everything you want from a security door, all without compromising on style. Bulleen Screens is also proud to have built up such great relationships with many window companies and other tradespeople over the years.

As all our doors are custom-made to order, we can also fit your security front doorssecurity screen doors, insect screen doors to your exact requirements. We can also do the jobs that others find too difficult thanks to our technical prowess and our experience.

Contact us today for a great range of metal doors for your home. We look forward to working with you and creating a great defence for your home.

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All our metal doors are:

  • Made to Order:

We do not hold “standard” screens in stock as there is no such thing. When considering all possible sizes, mesh and colour combinations.

  • Made in our local factory

We make all of our products to order in a factory environment for the best possible quality and finish. Our specialist production staff work in a clean and safe environment, out of the weather with the best tools and techniques available to build your screens, leaving our installation team to concentrate on their specialist skills.

  • Installed by our expert tradespeople

For further information on Bulleen Screens Range of Doors please

^Security Doors are regulated by Australian Standard 5039-2008. Use of the word ‘security’ to describe doors on this website does not imply compliance with Australian Standards. For further information contact us.

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