KidScreen Window Fall Prevention Systems

We are a licensed fabricator and installer of this unique window screen system. Designed for upstairs windows where there is a potential safety risk for children falling. Existing Australian Building codes require risks for upstairs windows to be minimised by restricting the opening of a window (to maximum of 125mm) – however this does limit airflow. Fitting these screens to your upstairs windows is a great way to get the maximum benefits of window airflow with peace of mind that your family is safe.

The KidScreen Window Fall Prevention screen offer a 7 year conditional warranty when fitted and installed by a licensed or certified installer. Product must be inspected or replaced after the 7 year period to extend and maintain further warranty of the screen


Peace of mind with fall protection for your family

  • Visibility. Similar to a regular flyscreen – mesh will not obstruct view
  • Durability. Heavy reinforced polyester material that gains its strength from its woven assembly.Corrosion Resistant.
  • Suited to windows where pet’s claws are an issue
  • Meets government requirements for building standards in areas with Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Ratings up to 40 (needs to be specified at extra cost, with Stainless Steel mesh, not the standard mesh material)
  • More expensive than regular flyscreens.

Technical Details: PVC coated heavy gauge Polyester mesh (0.80mm
diameter yarn, 15 x 11 strands per inch) attached to 37mm frame with engineered gripping system for a durable high strength attachment.

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All KidScreen Window Fall Prevention screens are custom built, made to measure to meet the exact requirement of the National Construction Code 2013 (Vol 1: D.2.24 & Vol 2: ensuring that your children are in the safest possible environment. The KidScreen Window Fall Prevention screens have undergone successful testing to the Australian Window Association Industry Code of Practice ICP.005 exceeding the minimum 250N force (25kg) required in the National Construction Code 2013 (Vol 1: D.2.24 & Vol 2: