Should You Replace Your Fly Screen with Security Mesh?

Fly screens are the perfect way to keep those pesky bugs out of your home and where they belong – outdoors. However, if you want to increase the security of your home, you could replace fly screen with security mesh.

To find out more about which option is best for you, read on, and we will go through the pros and cons.

What Does a Fly Screen Do?

To get a better understanding of fly screens vs security mesh, let’s go through how they are different.

Fly screens are there to give your home protection against insects, but they will not protect your home from intruders. They are often made from an aluminium door frame with fibreglass mesh, and different options can protect you further from midges, such as the mini-weave mesh.

With mosquito-borne diseases being found in certain areas of Australia, including Victoria, installing a fly screen protects your family’s health.

What About Security screens?

In the debate over fly screens vs security screens, security screens will offer you more. Not only do they keep out the insects, but they are also designed to give your home another layer of protection against intruders.

However, when choosing your security screens in Melbourne, you need to be careful about what you choose. Always use a reputable company like Bulleen Screens who test security screens to Australian standards and provide you with maximum protection. If screens are not tested to Australian Standards, they can not be called Security Screens and other terms like Barrier Screens or Safety Screens must be used to be legally compliant.

There are different options for you to choose from, and if you are not sure, it is worth asking for some professional advice so that you get a security screen that meets your requirements.

Which is Right for You?

If you want to change your fly screens for security mesh, it is a good option for you if you are concerned about break-ins.

Even having a security screen installed can provide a deterrent to potential thieves because they would be much harder to break into than a home with weaker entryways.

Ultimately, security screens also reassure you that your home and family are safe. Whether you are sleeping at night, away on holiday or out at the office, you know that your home is secure.

Fly screens do not offer the same amount of longevity that a security mesh will because security mesh is designed to be tough and durable.

You can expect to pay more for a security mesh compared with a fly screen because of the materials that have been used to make them, but they do offer you greater benefits.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option that keeps the insects out, a fly screen door in Melbourne could be the right option for you. However, if you want to add maximum protection, choose a security screen.

At Bulleen Screens, we will happily give you some free professional advice and help you find the right product for your home.

Call us today or request a quote online, and we will come back to you with a convenient date shortly. We look forward to working with you.

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