A variety of attachments are used by our expert tradespeople to ensure your window flyscreen attaches securely to your window. We choose the best option for your windows based on their construction. Our aim is to provide a secure attachment with the least noticeable appearance.

These attachments are provided as standard on all window screens.

The most common types of STANDARD attachments we use are:

“Plunger pins”

  • Fitted through the flyscreen frame and extending into a small hole drilled into the window frame. They hold the screen in place by extending into window frame
  • Spring loaded metal plunger pins available for small extra cost

clip image033 Insect Screens for Windows

“Swivel Clips”

  • These are screwed onto the window frame and hold the screen in place and can easily be swivelled to allow easy screen removal.

clip image037 Insect Screens for Windows


  • Attached to the Flyscreen frame these clips provide good grip for easy removal of the flyscreen, Usually used on Bradnam windows.

clip image041 Insect Screens for Windows


  • Used on some screens as an alternative to pins. Can be fitted to either the top or bottom of screen and  provide grip for easy removal of the flyscreen. Not suitable on many window types.

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  • Used where it is necessary to create a  moving screen (ie. Casement windows where it is often necessary to move the screen to open the  window). These hinges are unobtrusive and are fitted snugly against frame to optimise tight seal.  Metal versions available at small extra cost.

clip image045 Insect Screens for Windowsclip image047 Insect Screens for Windows

Depending on the construction and configuration of your windows it is sometimes necessary to utilise additional attachments (shown below).
These have a small cost associated with fitting and supply.

“Tail Piece”

  • Used where a suitable rail isn’t built over or beside the window winder on one ofthe most commonly occurring windows in Australia (Awning windows).
  • Our standard ‘Tail Piece’ is attached as a press-fit to the bottom of the flyscreen. It is custom cut to size to ensure optimal fit over window winder.
  • Comes in all of our standard colours and will be matched to your selected frame colour

FS-TP-Cut-2 (640x427)FS-TPandWinder-Complete (640x427)


  • Often used for Double Hung (or Sash) windows these channels enable the flyscreen to be fitted with a good seal. The channels help hide gaps created by old, out of square window frames on older houses (which often have double hung windows).

clip image051 Insect Screens for Windows


  • Typically used on horizontal sashless sliding windows. Allows us to make screen slide out of the way, so you can operate the glass, then move the screen back to cover the opening. Top channel is deeper so the screen goes high up into it, then drops into the shallow bottom channel without falling out of the top one.
clip image049 Insect Screens for Windows

If a window is particularly unique we utilise our vast experience in creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing custom attachment system for a small additional charge.

For further information on WINDOW SCREENS OPTIONS including mesh options, colour range and window attachment details;