Custom Installations

Every one of our jobs is a custom installation. There are no ‘standard’ flyscreens or doors. Everything is made to measure.
Having said that, there are some jobs that require more customisation than others.

We are good at:
  • Making screens fit windows
  • Making doors fit into openings
  • Installing track systems where this is feasible
  • Advising what is needed to:
    • Be repaired before we can fit our products
    • Fill in gaps or otherwise prepare for, or tidy up after, our installation.
We prefer that other experts handle:
  • Repairing old windows and doors ready for us to measure and install
  • Filling in gaps between our screens, attachments and mechanisms (we’re not carpenters, flooring specialists, concreters, painters and so on)

Featured Products

Kidscreen Window Fall Prevention Systems

Maximise ventilation and have peace of mind and for upstairs bedroom windows.

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Retractable Screen Doors

Our range of 6 retractable screen doors can protect your home from insects even with bi-fold or french doors

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