Diamond Grille Window Security^ Screens

Ideal for areas where security is a concern (laneway windows, commercial premises etc) and cost is a consideration. Our Diamond Grille window screens utilise the same technology as our Diamond Grille doors with a smaller outer frame. The frame uses sturdy internal metal corners which are riveted in.These screens are fixed to the window frame (either inside or outside depending on your preference) Attached with tamper-proof screws but can be removed with a custom shaped allen key.

  • A cost effective way of combining an insect screen and a safety screen over your window opening
  • Full range of standard colours available. Four different diamond grille patterns to choose from
  • Convenience. Permanently attached, making access to glass for cleaning more difficultCross
  • Safety. Permanently attached, possibly preventing escape in case of emergency
  • Visibility. Diamond Grille obstructs view in and out of window.
  • Pet/Child Durability (mesh is relatively easy to push through(though optional upgrades to different mesh types available)

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Diamond Grille Security Screens Melbourne

When it comes to security, it’s broadly true that the thicker and stronger the material of your security measure, the more likely it is that you are protected against intrusion. But when it comes to windows and screen doors, it can very quickly begin to feel more like a prison if you invest in heavy-duty screens that admit little light. However important security is, it should always be balanced with a feeling of comfort and style.

In Need of a High-Quality Diamond Grille Security Screen?

It’s for this reason that diamond grille security screens have become such a popular security measure in Australia. On the one hand, they are structurally designed to protect against intrusion, and on the other, they are built to allow in the light that can be often diminished by finer mesh screens. They are also incredibly versatile and can be easily adapted to fit any window size.

Versatile and Strong Security Solution

At Bulleen screens, we offer some of the finest diamond grille window security screens in the area. Our company has provided high-quality security solutions for over twenty years. From our humble beginnings from a garage in Bulleen, we’ve grown and grown and are now proud to service all of Metropolitan Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. This continued expansion is down to a reputation not just for versatile, durable and aesthetically pleasing security screens but for an expert team who know how to deliver on time and within budget.

We’re well experienced in manufacturing and adapting our diamond screens for any property type. These screens can easily be fitted to both commercial and residential windows. Other features include:

  • Two diamond grille patterns
  • ALU-Gard mesh Options available

We use a standard aluminium 37 x 11mm frame when installing our screens, and our standard mesh is fibreglass, but if there are any specific requirements you have of your security, then please get in touch as we are always updating our catalogue.

As with all our products, our screens come with a signature twelve-month guarantee that (with appropriate maintenance and reasonable use) promises a fault-free product. Our manufacturing process is focused on quality and durability, but we also recognise that no one wants a security screen that will undermine the aesthetic of a property. That’s why we also offer them, as with other items, in a range of 21 stunning colours, so you can match your security screen with your decor.

Get in Touch Now for an Obligation-Free Measurement and Quote!

If you want a closer look at our diamond grille screens in Melbourne and some of their specifications in greater detail, simply download our PDF guide to the range on the product page. Then, when you have some ideas about what you’d like to order, pick up the phone and give us a call or fill in our dedicated form to request a quote.

We believe in precision when it comes to offering you a price. Once you’ve requested a quote, we’ll get back to you and arrange a time to visit, so we can carry out a free measurement to put together the most accurate quote for your property – all without any obligation to buy! Read Less

Diamond grilles are not a security rated product, but a barrier safety screen. Invisi-Gard, Alu-Gard and Vision-Gard screens are the only products that are safety rated and tested. Get in touch with us for more info about these products!

Choose from 4 different grille patterns

 standard dia window  small diam window    Lightweight window   Decorative Window

All Diamond Grille window  screens come in our variety of standard colours,and include appropriate attachment accessories to affix securely.
OPTIONAL UPGRADES to alternative mesh types  or special colours.

Frame: Aluminium 37mm x 11mm
Standard Mesh: Standard Fibreglass

For further information on WINDOW SCREENS RANGE;

^Security Windows are regulated by Australian Standard 5039-2008. Use of the word ‘security’ to describe windows on this website does not imply compliance with Australian Standards. For further information contact us.