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When considering security, many people concentrate on putting in a comprehensive alarm system and making sure all entry point doors are strong and as burglar-proof as possible. However, it’s important not to forget your windows because these can make your property vulnerable to intruders, particularly those windows at ground level.

Intruders can simply smash the glass to gain entry through a window, even if it’s double-glazed or fitted with security glass. They can also gain access through windows that are left open and will often force windows open if they are of poor quality or are otherwise insecure. It’s vital, therefore, that you pay attention to your windows to keep your property as secure as possible. Read More

Window Grilles Melbourne

When the weather’s hot, you naturally want to leave your windows open to let air circulate and keep your property as cool as possible. That includes sultry nights so that any breeze will reduce the temperature and help you sleep. However, that puts your property at risk from intruders and also means the building may become filled with various flying insects.

The quandary is whether to keep your property cool and leave it vulnerable to thieves or whether to keep it secure. With window grills in Melbourne, you can do both because the grilles will prevent access but still allow cool breezes to circulate.

Window Grilles in Melbourne — Benefits and Features

With window grilles fitted, you can safely leave your windows open all day and night, if you wish, without compromising security. Not only will they deter intruders, but mesh window grilles will also keep out unwanted pests that can make summer a misery for some. They can prevent children from falling out, which can be a serious risk for high windows in particular.

Window grilles are as effective as window security bars in preventing break-ins but have the added bonus of keeping out pests and reducing fire hazards. They’re also much more stylish than bars since the latter can look imposing and sturdy but hardly add to the attraction of a property.

The Importance of Window Security Grilles in Melbourne

Our windows grilles come in a variety of styles to suit individual properties so they’re stylish as well as effective. They provide a reliable defence against intruders and can add to the appeal of any premises. We also provide security grill doors made from the highest-grade materials, are custom-built to fit exactly and are professionally installed to ensure maximum security.

Installing the Best Security Grilles in Melbourne

All our window security grilles are treated to provide protection against the often harsh Australian climate. That includes resistance to corrosion, even on the coast where saltwater droplets can cause a problem, and none of our treatments or materials are harmful for the environment.

We’ll discuss your security needs, measure every window to be covered accurately and make and fit grilles that fit perfectly and exactly meet your requirements. If you have any worries about unprotected windows, security screens, security front doors or any other security needs, contact us today for an effective and stylish solution to the problem.

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Choose from 4 different grille patterns

 standard dia window  small diam window    Lightweight window   Decorative Window

All Diamond Grille window  screens come in our variety of standard colours,and include appropriate attachment accessories to affix securely.
OPTIONAL UPGRADES to alternative mesh types  or special colours.

Frame: Aluminium 37mm x 11mm
Standard Mesh: Standard Fibreglass

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^Security Windows are regulated by Australian Standard 5039-2008. Use of the word ‘security’ to describe windows on this website does not imply compliance with Australian Standards. For further information contact us.

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