Flyscreen Doors

Our most basic door is a great solution to allow natural ventilation while keeping leaves, debris and insects out, especially during windy days or at night when insects are attracted to light. Flyscreen doors (& windows)  can assist in reducing your energy bills with natural air-flow, rather than artificial cooling. They are particularly useful when ‘evaporative cooling’ is installed (which, unlike refrigerated air-conditioning, requires the windows to be open to work).

  • Affordable
  • Easy to repair
  • Good Visibility (will not obstruct view through glass)
  • No Pet/Child Durability (standard fibreglass mesh is relatively easy to push through)


All Flyscreen Doors come in a variety of standard colours and include a mid-rail (to reduce the chances of walking through the mesh unintentionally). Our hinged doors are fitted standard with a full key locking handle,  2 hinges and an automatic gas closer. Our sliding doors are fitted with a basic handle on both inside and outside.
OPTIONAL UPGRADES include latch-lock or key-lock on sliding doors, alternative mesh types, custom colours and automatic closer for single sliding doors.
Available as Sliding Doors or Hinged Doors.

Frame: Aluminium
Standard Mesh:
Standard Fibreglass