INVISI-GARD Stainless Steel Security Doors

Combining the strength of Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel with the beauty, strength and flexibility of aluminium. Deliver clarity of vision with enhanced security^.

  • Contemporary Design. Fitted to perimeter frame only (no mid-rail or other grille required).
  • Visibility. Black (only) mesh absorbs the light making easier to see through. Can showcase decorative door behind and does not obstruct your beautiful view from inside.
  • Durability. High strength mesh and unique construction method provide ultimate durability and strength.  INVISI-GARD 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh is covered by a 15 Year Warranty subject to the conditions on the INVISI-GARD Warranty.
  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • Suitable for bushfire zones – suits applications up to Bushfire Attack Level BAL40
  • Expensive

Technical Details:  Aluminium frame fitted with 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh. Attached using INVISI-GARD patented pressure retention system for maximum security^.
0.8mm Stainless Steel Wire. 11 x 11 strands per 25mm sq.
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Invisi Gard Security Doors

Over the past few decades, the market for security screens and doors in Melbourne has only increased. Many people recognise that durable screens are key to combatting domestic crime and intrusion, which has led many newer companies to think carefully about their designs and the materials they use. One of those who have become something of a household name is Invisi-Gard.

Thinking of Buying Invisi-Gard Security Doors?

For over four decades, Invisi-Gard security doors have been one of the most revered brands in security. Their products can be found in all residential and commercial security areas. They are known not just for their screens and doors but also for their rigorous testing and exceptional innovation in raising the standards on property protection.

Invisi-Gard Doors: An Australian National Standard

As a company, we’ve championed Invisi-Gard security screens and doors since the beginning. Starting out in a small garage in Bulleen, we’ve expanded over the last twenty years as a service that provides superb security windows and doors to companies from all over Metropolitan Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. This is partly down to our reputation for knowledgeable tradespeople and a decade’s long legacy of involvement in the trade, but most of all, windows companies know us for the quality of our excellent and diverse range of security solutions, including Invisi-Gard.

The reputation of Invisi-Gard products is well-founded on a superb knowledge of the materials and structures needed to build strong, secure measures against criminal activity and intrusion. Benefits of the range include:

  • Increased visibility so you can use your window as normal (this also allows for plenty of natural light).
  • 316 Marine Grade stainless steel for one of the most durable meshes available.
  • Built to national standards, with materials that are covered by a 15-year warranty in addition to our own guarantee.

We offer a 12-month guarantee on all our products, including Invisi-Gard. This means that, with appropriate use and maintenance, your item will remain fault-free for at least that period, though most of our items last for many more years! But it’s not just exceptional durability that our security screens and doors offer – we know they’ve got to look good too. You have a wide range of standard colours to choose from when selecting your security screen, so whatever the colour scheme, we’ve got something to match.

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We’ve shared a closer look at our range of Invisi-Gard Security Doors in our PDF document, so if you want to get a fuller understanding of the offer, please feel free to download it and browse it at your leisure. We’re often on hand to advise you as well, so please make use of our phone number.

When you’ve got an idea of what you need for your project, please give us a call or request a free measurement and quote via our online portal. (We prefer to get you the most accurate price possible, which is why we prefer to get exact measurements before offering you a quote). Call today, and we’ll get back to you to arrange a time to come out so we can put together the most accurate quote, with no obligation to buy! Read Less

Hinged Door Images:
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Sliding Door Images:
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INVISI-GARD Combination Door

For those who love the security^ features and benefits of an INVISI-GARD Door however prefer the decorative patterns offered in our other doors.
We can custom make for you whichever decorative door pattern you like and incorporate into a standard INVISI-GARD door.

^Security Doors are regulated by Australian Standard 5039-2008. Use of the word ‘security’ to describe doors on this website does not imply compliance with Australian Standards. For further information contact us.