The three founders of Bulleen Screens spent over 40 years each in the window and door manufacturing industry in Australia, working in and with the big multi-national names.

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Flyscreens and Security Screens for Doors and Windows

Here at Bulleen Screens Melbourne we manufacture a wide range of quality Flyscreens and Security Screens for Doors and Windows.Our customised range includes Flyscreen Doors, Decorative Aluminium & Steel Security Doors, INVISI-GARD Security Doors and Windows and Flyscreen Windows. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide range of options in style, colour, mesh types, durability and overall security to meet your individual needs. 

Centrally located in Melbourne, our expert tradespeople are on the road servicing Metropolitan Melbourne including the Mornington Peninsula. We service a range of highly regarded trade customers and also welcome the public to buy direct. We pride ourselves on being able to take a job from quote to installed and completed on budget and on time.

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Security Windows, Screens & Flyscreen Doors Melbourne

More and more homeowners and business owners are relying on physical screens as an added layer of security to protect their premises. While alarms do a great deal to dissuade potential intruders, they are still just deterrents. Coupled with robust screens that act as a secondary barrier to your doors and windows, the deterrent is increased exponentially.

Are You Looking for Excellent Security Screens In Melbourne?

At Bulleen Screens, we specialise in industry-leading security screens, security windows and fly screens that keep out that which you want to remain on the outside. We have over forty years of experience delivering outstanding security doors, security grilles, fire screens, windows bars & more security products in the Greater Melbourne area and have developed a reputation for quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. If you need the very best protection for your home or place of work, then Bulleen Screens has exactly what you need.

Benefits of Purchasing Security Screens from Bulleen Screens

The primary reason for purchasing a security product from Bulleen Screens is to safeguard the people and property inside your premises. However, there are many other reasons our customers choose our quality screens. Our security screens & windows allow you to enjoy added privacy as you can specifiy some meshes that will obscure your interior from passers-by outside. Unbroken airflow, particularly on excessively hot days, helps you to keep cool with your doors or windows open without fear of exposing your property to an opportunist burglar. We offer easy installation and screen maintenance that’s pain-free and simple.

We can even size door and window measurements from outside during the day if you can’t be home to show our tradespeople around and after production return later with screens that fit your home perfectly.

Protect Your Property With Security Screens & Windows That Lasts A Lifetime

With decades of experience under our belt, we have the technical know-how and the quality craftsmanship to cater to all properties and lifestyles. We can supply custom security screens in Melbourne that accommodate dog or cat flaps without compromising on protection (it does compromise protection and with some products like INVISI-GARD will void the warranty too), high-grade mesh that can withstand claw or bite wear and tear from overly-curious pets. As part of the National Security Screen Association, you can rest assured that our products are up to the task and deliver the highest degree of reliable security available in Australia. By choosing security doors in Melbourne from Bulleen Screens, you are protecting your home with safety measures that will last a lifetime.

Security Doors & Screens in Melbourne from a Name You can Trust

Many property owners and tenants want a more secure home. Whether there have been a lot of break-ins in your local area, you want to make the property Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) compliant or stop those pesky bugs from being inside, Bulleen Screens is your go-to company.

With our security doors and screens you can have a product manufactured and installed, so it is right for your needs. We work with window companies, builders and retail customers to provide an excellent service with a product that meets your requirements.

Improve Your Security & Comfort

As we have a wide variety of security doors and screens on offer, including aluminium window security screens, you can find an option that does not detract from the look of the property. You can find a suitable option that complements your home and increases the value and appeal of the property.

People who are looking for a new home want to feel safe there. Equally, if you are worried about the security of your existing home, then we can fit security doors and screens onto the doors and windows that you already have in place.

Request a Quote Today

We can manufacture and install or just manufacture your security screens and doors. As part of our service, we will measure your space and provide you with a quote for the product that you are interested in.

With 40 years in the industry, we are the company to give you professional advice and excellent products that meet your demands. Get in touch today to request your quote.

Need Quality Security Windows & Fly Screens in Melbourne? Get in Touch With Us Today

When it comes to protecting your property from insects, intruders and even bush fire, the only way to guarantee the protection of your property and those within it is through quality security screens. You won’t find a more dedicated premium security windows & screens services in Melbourne than Bulleen Screens. If you are unsure what type of screen or mesh best suits your home or workplace then we would be happy to offer you some free professional advice. You can call us today or contact us through our website, where you can also request a free no-obligation quote for installation. Your property is one of the biggest investments you’ll own, so why not protect it from outside risk with a Bulleen Screen today?

We can only measure from outside IF: None of the screens need to be measured from or installed from inside.

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