Decorative Steel Security^ Doors

Heavy Duty security^ screen doors where high security is a priority. Range of designs to achieve the desired look which can be further customised as requested, because each door is made to order from scratch. For the ultimate peace of mind choose a steel security door.

  • Security^
  • Variety of grille patterns available to match the style of  your home
  • Durable: Steel will last a very long time
  • Customised: Each door made to order so colour and grille design can be modified
  • Expensive

All Steel Security Doors are custom made so the variety of standard colours is much broader than for our other doors. All colours in “Dulux  DURALLOY” range and “Interpon LIVING SERIES” range are available as standard colours.  All Steel Security^ Doors  include a key lock, are fitted with 3 hinges and a heavy duty gas closer.

OPTIONAL UPGRADES include alternative mesh types, upgrade accessories and an extra heavy duty reinforced frame. A 3 point or “Triple” lock is possible, but not necessary as they are designed for aluminium doors that twist easily, but steel doors do not twist making them a waste of money in that situation.
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Steel Doors Melbourne

Are you looking online for steel security screen doors in Melbourne? You are in luck, because here at Bulleen Screens, we are more than happy to help.

We know that one of the main reasons that someone might be looking for a steel security door in Melbourne and beyond is because they want to improve the security of a home or property. Our products are ideal for increasing security and we are more than confident that our stainless steel security doors will make your Melbourne property much safer.

We offer a wide range of styles and designs that can be matched to suit your specific décor or requirements. We can even offer additional customisation of our doors, if requested by our valued customers. We’re able to offer these higher levels of customisation to suit your needs because all of our doors are specifically made to order so you can have higher levels of input into the design than would usually be the norm.

What Are the Advantages of Getting Steel Doors?

When you are away from home, you want to know that your home is secure. Everyone has to leave their homes to go to work, the shops or when you go away on holiday. When you return, you want to be confident that things are the way you have left them.

Even when you are at home, having a steel door can give you the reassurance you need that intruders are going to be deterred from entering your home, invading your privacy and taking your possessions.

What’s more, when you have a steel security door, it can put intruders off from attempting to break into your home, so it is an investment worth making.

Installing the Best Steel Doors in Melbourne

With a steel door from Bulleen Screens, you can be confident that you have given your home the best protection. As each door is bespoke, your security door will fit your home like a glove and do the job you want it to do. We can offer custom steel doors of varying specifications, and this way, you can choose a door within your budget.

We can also supply you with a door that suits your home including metal doors, insect door screens security grill doors in many styles and colors to meet your individual needs. We understand that when you install a steel door, the last thing you want is for your door to look out of place. With a huge variety of designs on offer, including a ‘design your own grille pattern’, you can be sure that your door will look like it was created for your home.

What Makes Our Steel Security Doors Special?

As all of our steel security doors are custom made to order, this means that you have a much broader range of colours, sizes and options to choose from. We offer more colour choices than you might find available with any other type of door or from our competitors and this is one of the many benefits of our steel security doors in Melbourne.

If you have a look through our collections, you will see that the colours outlined within the Dulux Duralloy and Interpon Living Series ranges are all readily available as standard colours. In addition to this broad selection of colours, all of our doors include a strong key lock.

Additionally, they are all fitted with at least three heavy-duty hinges and (where space permits) they come with an automatic heavy-duty gas closer. This will ensure that you have a mechanism that is in unobtrusive and will make sure that your extra-safe door closes smoothly once being used. It is ideal for a range of settings and different structures. With so many different options available, ordering from us really is your absolute best option.

Why order Steel Security Doors From Bulleen Screens Melbourne

With over four decades of experience within the industry, you can rest assured that you are getting high quality and expertly crafted doors. We may have humble origins, having started in a small, suburban garage, but we have worked hard and tirelessly to become one of the most well-trusted and respected companies within the building industry. Our company has garnered a strong reputation throughout Greater Melbourne.

By purchasing from us, you are choosing to work with a reliable, professional and capable supplier who has a longstanding history of success in the building trade. We provide durable and customisable doors with many options available such as screen doors, security doors, steel doors at a more than reasonable price. Don’t delay, contact one of our friendly team now and let us help you complete an order.

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Frame: Steel
Standard Mesh: Aluminium

Choose from the below decorative patterns for your Steel Security^ Door;




^Security Doors are regulated by Australian Standard 5039-2008. Use of the word ‘security’ to describe doors on this website does not imply compliance with Australian Standards. For further information contact us.