Manufacture and Install

If you are confident with the sizes and specifications of the products required, we’re more than happy to manufacture and install for you.
Benefits of Barrier Windows:
  • Cuts down the lead time between order and delivery, by eliminating the need for us to schedule a site measure before manufacture.
  • Lower cost to you, because we don’t need to cover the cost of getting there and spending the time to measure.
  • The sizes, specifications, method of attaching and so on will all be to your preferences.
  • You take the risk on sizes and colour rather than us. If we’ve manufactured to the sizes you’ve provided, but you’ve made a mistake on the size, then you will absorb the cost of reworking the product to be the correct size.
Overview of what we need in writing :
  • See “Manufacture Only” for product specs required
  • Site address
  • Contact person to arrange access
  • Date range required to be completed by.
Pricing :
  • A difficult thing to do without seeing, first hand:
    • Condition of your windows & doors, for example:
      • Rotted wood
      • Out of square or bowed frames
      • Size of channels (big enough or small enough?)
      • Condition and size of sliding door tracks
      • Existing items in the way needing to be removed?
    • Access to your windows and doors, for example:
      • Ladders or Scaffold required?
      • Multi-level apartment blocks with tight stairwells
      • Sloping blocks with windows out of reach
    • Any customised fitting required:
      • Extra tracks
      • Infills
    • Requirement for safety or size to have more than one installer on-site for the installation.
    • Distance to your site (ie, if beyond 50km from Melbourne, GPO, 3000)

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