Flyscreen Windows

Our most popular window screens are the perfect solution to allow natural ventilation while keeping leaves, debris and insects out, especially during windy days or at night when insects are attracted to light. Flyscreen  windows  can assist in reducing your energy bills with natural air-flow, rather than artificial cooling. They are particularly useful when ‘evaporative cooling’ is installed (which, unlike refrigerated air-conditioning, requires the windows to be open to work).

  • Affordable
  • Convenient. Typically easy to remove from the window to clean glass. Easy and inexpensive to repair.
  • Good Visibility (will not obstruct view through glass). Fibreglass mesh is  flexible and able to be pulled tight across frame to ensure no wrinkles. Being fabric based it  will  also not kink or dent.
  • Not Pet/Child Durability (mesh is relatively easy to push through or tear)
  • Cannot make odd angles or curves (see Magnetic screens for this purpose)

All Window Flyscreens come in a variety of standard colours and include appropriate attachment accessories to ensure a secure fit (ie. Plunger pins or Swivel Clips etc)
OPTIONAL UPGRADES to alternative mesh types, special colours, heavy duty 37mm frame (for larger windows) or customised attachments for unique window types.

Frame: Aluminium 25mm x 11mm (or 25mm x 9mm  if required)
Standard Mesh: Standard Fibreglass

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