Frequently Asked Questions

What are your showroom hours? 

Our showroom is open Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm. Please come and visit us at 25 Edward St, Oakleigh anytime during these hours.

 Why is your showroom in Oakleigh when you are called Bulleen Screens? 

Good question! We started the business from humble beginnings years ago in a garage in Bulleen. Our reputation and services quickly outgrew the garage and we moved to Burwood for 10 years (keeping our original name). We moved into our premises at 25 Edward St, Oakleigh, which is geographically central to Melbourne, in 2011 and haven’t looked back. We continue to service all of Melbourne and are of course very happy to see customers in our old stomping ground of Bulleen! See Areas We Service for more info.

Why have you kept the name Bulleen Screens?

Our name and reputation is well known in the Greater Melbourne building industry.

When do you do measure and quotes? 

When you initially book in for a free measure and quote we ask you to nominate a few days that could be suitable or leave it to us to find the earliest opening we have in your area. We put your details into our schedule and juggle your timing & location with many others as well as our operational requirements to find a window of time when our expert tradespeople will be in your area. We give you a call a couple of days before your appointment to confirm your availability. We also nominate whether it will be morning or afternoon and where possible try to give you a more specific 2 to 3 hour time window (It is very difficult to be more specific because of traffic, last minute cancellations, delays on site etc). Our tradespeople are on the road from 7am to roughly 2pm Monday to Friday and we do all our measure and quotes during this time.
We take measurements whilst onsite to ensure 100% accuracy in the fit of your product and provide the written quote within 1-2 days.

Why can’t you give me a specific appointment day and time when I first call?

We juggle many commitments every day and try to service as many customers as possible in the widest geographic areas as possible with a small measuring & installation team. These commitments are a moving target with traffic, last minute cancellations, rush orders and contractual service commitments to our high-volume customers. If we had a crystal ball, we could give you an exact day and time when booking, but it is simply unrealistic. We’re up front about this challenge and understand that some competitors can offer shorter lead times, but make no comment about their quality or after sales service.

I work full time and can’t get time off during the day to stay home for a tradesperson – can you do after hours visits? 

We don’t, however if your job is a front door, other doors or external fit flyscreens with easy access we can do a measure and quote without you even being home. For simple Flyscreen replacements we can often manufacture only or manufacture and install only rather than needing to do a measure and quote aswell.  Alternatively where possible we can try to schedule your job as “first of the day” as we have more accuracy in predicting the timing for these appointments (these time slots are always in high demand, so you could be waiting a while with this approach). Another alternative is to have a neighbour, friend or relative let us in, or many owners have been happy to leave a key somewhere safe for us to let ourselves in! (it would be madness for us to ever betray your trust).

I’ve got pets and they have previously torn the mesh on my security door – how do I avoid this happening?

We have a range of mesh types to suit people’s individual needs. We have a heavy duty mesh called “Paw Mesh” that is specifically designed to be resistant to pet’s claws (& kids)

I need a replacement Flyscreen for my home. I already know what colour, size and mesh type I need so can I just get you make it and collect from your showroom instead of waiting around for a measure, quote, install with a tradesman?  

Sure can! We like to help people out as they need it. We are happy to supply flyscreens to your measurements and specifications. This will save you money as we need to spend less time on the job. See details of our manufacture only services for further information.

Why would you choose a Screen door if it doesn’t meet the Australian Standards to be classified as an actual Security Door? 

Many doors are colloquially known as a “Security Door” when in fact they do not meet the Australian Standards for this type of door. However most people are happy with the level of protection offered by these doors. They form a basic barrier to the outside which is enough to deter most intruders most of the time. They all come with keylocks and offer both security from intruders and insects. Any security door is only as good as the largest pane of unprotected glass!

Some key advantages to these types of doors over standards approved Security Doors are:

Price – Generally cheaper

Looks – Screen Doors come in a wide variety of decorative grilles that are often preferred in visual appearance

Position – There is often an unprotected window (or glass side panel) nearby that any serious intruder could simply smash to gain access instead of tackling the Security door. In these instances the additional costs of standards approved Security Doors is often unwarranted.

Why can’t you give a specific quote over the phone even if I give you sizes?

There are just too many variables when it comes to making what you would think is a ‘simple’ product! Houses aren’t mass produced in factories, they’re all individual and screens often aren’t in the builder’s or other trades people’s minds when doing their jobs, so choices can be made that compromise our ability to fit a basic screen quickly and easily to your home. We could put our prices up and charge a flat fee for windows and doors, but it would be unfair to those with the easy jobs (and realistically, we’d probably go out of business for being uncompetitive). We just have to see your windows and doors to assess your actual requirements before committing to a price (unless you make all of these choices yourself, take the risk of making the wrong thing and ask us to just manufacture, in which case, we’re happy to give pricing without seeing your site).


I have a specific colour that I need the frame of my door made in – do you match to custom colours?

Yes we do.
We have a range of 21 standard colours that all of our products can be chosen in.
We also have another 9 special colours that are popular but cost a little more.
Other than that we can custom make to any colour in DULUX powdercoat range or INTERPON powdercoat range. Note that custom colours do increase cost and manufacturing time.

Why aren’t all powder coat colours “standard”?

Nobody manufactures and powder coats the bulk of the metal shapes that we use in the manufacture of our core products in Australia, that’s just a fact. That forces our suppliers to pick the popular colours to hold on their shelves to supply demand to fabricators like us. These are ‘Standard Colours’ because they arrive in this country, ready to cut up into your final product. ‘Special Colours’ to us, are ones that are common enough for us to justify small production runs to keep on our own racks. These are more expensive because they need more handling and logistics, all at Australian labour & transport rates. ‘Custom Colours’ are all the other power coat colours that are available that done as a one-off batch to complete the job at hand. These are more expensive again because the set up and transport costs aren’t shared with a larger group of products.

Why can’t I tell you my paint colour to match to?

‘Wet Paint’ used in and on homes, is totally different to the “Powder Coat’ process we use to colour our metal. ‘Wet Paint’ is easily tinted as required to achieve the look you’re after. ‘Powder Coat’ on the other hand is a limited range (around 200) of non-customisable colours. Determining the ‘best’ match is subjective – even Dulux (who manufacture both Wet Paint and Powder Coat) won’t recommend a Powder Coat colour to match most of their Wet Paint range, it is up to you!! See here for a Powder Coat colour chart

Why aren’t all of the COLORBOND® colours standard?

Some of them are, but most of them aren’t. There just isn’t the demand in this industry for our suppliers to justify it.


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