What is the definition of a Security Door?

To be classified as a true “Security” door a product must pass all the requirements stated in Australian Standard AS5039 – 2008 “Security screen doors and security window grilles”

The basic requirements of the standard are that to be classified as a Security Door, the door can pass some basic, but very specific, tests:

Dynamic Impact Test – Must resist an impact of a certain size object with a certain amount of force a certain number of times without significant damage/failure.

Jemmy & Pull Tests – That the door can’t be easily prised open (especially from the corners or using a lever of some sort)

Probe Test – That a 150mm sphere cannot be passed through any opening.

Knife Shear Test – That a knife of a certain sharpness won’t cut through the door when hit with a certain force.

It is important to note that many doors are commonly referred to as “Security Doors” when infact they do not comply with these Australian Standards tests. We also use the term “Security Door” to refer to products generally refer to as Security Doors however this does not imply in any way compliance with Australian Standards. For any further enquiries please contact us.

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