Melbourne seeing a spate of window smashing burglaries

Melbourne has seen a spate of recent frightening burglaries, where homes have been targeted by burglars who were aware the owners were home…. But were likely not physically able to stop the burglar once they had made their way into their property. reports a spate of Burglaries in Bentleigh East where the burglar enters the house by smashing a window with a rock and robbing houses whilst the occupants are inside, but asleep.

IN a more terrifying burglary in Rosebud, a burglar broke the window of an elderly woman’s home and entered the property whilst the lady was awake and watching the television.  She confronted with the burglar but could do nothing from preventing him robbing her home before leaving.

Both of these robberies would have been prevented at the home owners had security windows installed.  A Glass window is to a burglar little deterrent to forced entry especially in areas which have moments of high noise.  A window can be quickly smashed as a truck rolls by and the owner would never notice.  A brazen desperate thief will not even worry about the noise, knowing they can be in and out before a shocked, sleeping resident can find a weapon and make their way to the sound.

As brazen as desperate thieves have become in Melbourne’s winter… come the warmer months they won’t need such bravery as closed glass windows are replaced with open windows and very easy to access mosquito screens.

A Bulleen Screens Security Screen would have solved both the winter, window smashing problems… and the summer, mosquito screen cutting problem that Melbourne is soon to be facing.

Don’t risk your family’s safety or your hard earned possessions, install Bulleen Security screens today.

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