Kids Don't Fly - A safety message about window screens

Westmean Children’s Hospital recently released reports related to safety for children in homes.

An increasing number of children are admitted to hospital each year, with serious injuries, as a result of falling from windows and balconies. These falls often occur in the child’s own home, over the warmer months when families leave windows and doors to balconies open both during the day and at night. Children aged from one to five years are most at risk as they are naturally curious but lack the ability to recognise danger.

Read the full article here.

Although the current Building Code of Australia permits a maximum opening of 12.5cm for windows and balustrades (where regulated), The Children’s Hospital at Westmead recommends for enhanced safety, a maximum opening of 10cm. Please note, there are no laws that require window and balustrade openings in older buildings to meet current building standards.

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