Residential Security Screen Doors

Your home is the most valuable asset you’re ever likely to own and often means more to you than simply the place where you live. Keeping it safe and secure is therefore an absolute priority and a major aim is to prevent anyone breaking in to the property.

Security involves all sorts of measures, from alarm systems within the property to secure perimeter fencing outside. It also means making it as difficult as possible for intruders to gain admittance and part of that requires the fitting of security doors at every point of entry.

Residential Security Doors Melbourne

Residential security doors are designed and manufactured to be super strong so they’re resistant to all attempts to break through them. They also have other benefits that add to their worth:

  • The main doors can be left open, allowing air to circulate and letting cool breezes enter so you’re less dependant on the air conditioning, saving money without sacrificing comfort.
  • The doors form a barrier against insects, keeping your home free of pests that can be a real nuisance as well as causing damage to your property and posing a hazard to your health.
  • Unlike glass that absorbs heat, the steel mesh blocks around half of the heat gain and so helps to keep your home cool in summer.
  • UV rays are also blocked, reduced by around 62%, preventing fading of furniture and reducing overall heat.
  • Protection against flying debris and hailstones when storms strike so that main doors are not damaged, particularly those with glass panels.
  • Over half of radiant flames and heat are blocked, reducing the risk of fire spreading.
  • Views to the outside are unhindered by window security bars or heavy window grilles, increasing the feeling of open spaces.

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Achieve Most Benefits by Buying the Best Residential Security Doors in Melbourne

You’ll only gain all the benefits associated with residential security doors if you choose carefully and buy wisely. A sub-standard door that’s installed badly in a weak frame will not only fail to provide the security you need , it will also not look good and is likely to deteriorate quickly so you’ll be replacing it earlier at additional expense.

Our residential security doors give you an additional layer of security and come in a wide range of styles — from traditional to modern — so you’re bound to find one that suits the appearance of your home. Better still, they’re all custom-made to ensure they fit exactly so you can create your own design that’s unique to your property.

Guard your Home with Residential Security Doors in Melbourne

All our residential security doors are made from the highest-grade materials, fitted with the best quality components and professionally installed — all in accordance with Australian standards. We ensure that the frame is equally sturdy, with no weaknesses or gaps that can be taken advantage of by intruders. The result is a door that is as secure as it can be and attractive at the same time.

You can’t afford to compromise on home security because you’re putting your home and family at risk. So buy a Bulleen Screens door that’s the best you can get and has customer service to match.

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All our residential security doors are:

  • Made to Order:

We do not hold “standard” screens in stock as there is no such thing. When considering all possible sizes, mesh and colour combinations.

  • Made in our local factory

We make all of our products to order in a factory environment for the best possible quality and finish. Our specialist production staff work in a clean and safe environment, out of the weather with the best tools and techniques available to build your screens, leaving our installation team to concentrate on their specialist skills.

  • Installed by our expert tradespeople


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^Security Doors are regulated by Australian Standard 5039-2008. Use of the word ‘security’ to describe doors on this website does not imply compliance with Australian Standards. For further information contact us.

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