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Overview of colour and powder coating:
We use powder coat finishes variously from reputable brand names; Dulux, Interpon and occasionally Jotun. See below for our range of “standard” colour names. For additional cost and manufacturing time, any colour nominated in the Dulux, Interpon or Jotun “Powder Coat” colour charts can be ordered. NOTE: Colour matching is possible, but is prohibitively expensive.

Click HERE to open a new window with Interpon’s on-screen colour representations; or HERE for Dulux’s version (from page 4). Jotun do not have an online colour chart.

IMPORTANT NOTE: On-screen representations of colours are very difficult. Every computer screen will display it slightly differently. There is NO SUBSTITUTE for checking your colour against a sample of aluminium confirmed to have been coated in your chosen colour. What is shown below is just a helpful starting point only.
Our “Standard” Colours:
Our materials arrive, pre-coloured from our suppliers, in the following finishes:


Clear Anodised

Please match this


Pearl White

Description: Pearl-White.png


Birch White

Description: Birch-White.png



Description: Primrose.png



Description: Magnolia.png


Paperbark / Merino

Description: Paperbark.png


Matt Stone Beige

Description: Stone-Biege.png



Description: Pottery.png



Description: Doeskin.png


Pale Eucalypt / Mist Green

Description: Pale-Eucalypt.png


Wilderness / Rivergum Green

Description: Wilderness.png


Hawthorn Green


A.P.O. Grey

Description: APO-Gray.png


Ultra Silver

Please match this


Notre Dame

Description: Notre-Dame.png


Woodland Grey / Slate Grey

Description: Woodland-Gray.png


Deep Ocean

Description: Deep-Ocean.png


Anotec Dark Grey

Description: Anotec-Dark-Gray.png


Bronze Anodised

Description: Bronze-Anodized.png


New Hammersley Brown / Brown

Please match this


Federation Red

Please match this


Satin Black

Description: Satin-Black.png

Our “Special Colours”:
Special colours cost more because we need to have them powder coated locally in small batches as need and we need to pass that cost on.
Below are just some of the most common special colours in use currently. For a more comprehensive list, please see Interpon’s colour chart HERE or Dulux’s colour chart HERE.
Any colour named on Dulux, Interpon or Jotun’s “Powder Coat” colour charts can be ordered for an additional charge and additional manufacturing time (usually 10 working days extra). Note: Colour matching is possible, but is prohibitively expensive



Description: Surfmist.png


Precious Silver Pearl

Please match this


Classic Cream

Description: Classic-Cream.png



Description: Dune.png

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