Full Terms and Conditions of Sales

Bulleen Screens Terms & Conditions

1. Quotation is valid for 90 days and may be revised after that time. The quotation is subject to site measure.

2. Product colours may vary slightly between powder coat batches. Samples shown are representative only.

3. Completion date is an estimate only and subject to availability of materials. No responsibility will be accepted for delays caused by circumstances beyond the Company’s control.

4. The customer shall still accept and pay for the goods not withstanding any delay in their manufacture or installation.

5. We reserve the right to require payment for separate products or individual screens or doors where goods have been successfully installed.

6. Customer is to allow access to installation site between 8.00am and 5.30 pm Monday to Friday (Public holidays excluded).

7. Customer is responsible for advising the installer regarding the location of any water pipes, electrical wiring or any other obstructions that could cause damage or could create an unsafe environment.

8. Customer is responsible for removing any existing window/door treatments. A minimum of $8.00 per window/door will be charged at point of installation if it is necessary for the installer to remove or move any existing window coverings, furniture or fixing to gain access to the installation.

9. All Monies owed are to be paid on fitting of product. Interest will be charged on all accounts outstanding 7 days after completion of order, unless prior arrangement has been made in writing.

10. In the event of non-payment the customer will be liable for all legal costs incurred by Bulleen Screens recovering debt.

11. This order form is a binding contract between purchaser and supplier and cannot be cancelled once raw materials have been ordered and/or production has commenced.

12. If the customer attempts to cancel the order after Bulleen Screens has commenced manufacturing of the goods, Bulleen Screens may deal with the goods as it thinks fit (whether or not property of the goods has passed to the Customer). In the event of cancellation the customer will forfeit their deposit and Bulleen Screens may pursue the customer for the outstanding balance of the purchase price.

13. The goods supplied are guaranteed against mechanical default in normal domestic use and the company will repair or replace at its absolute discretion such components as have proven faulty in operation. Not covered by this warranty is damage caused by accidents, wear and tear or misuse. In the event of a request being made for a service call not covered by warranty, a minimum call-out fee will be charged.

14. The customer hereby acknowledges that the goods and services supplied by Bulleen Screens shall remain the property of Bulleen Screens until full payment is received. In the event of the customer defaulting in any of the terms of this agreement, including payment for any monies due under the agreement, then Bulleen Screens shall have the right (without serving notice) to retake possession of the goods, and the customer hereby authorises and allows Bulleen Screens or its representatives, servants, agents or employees to enter the premises upon which the goods are housed or stored for the purpose of reclaiming possession of same. Bulleen Screens shall not be liable for any cost losses, damages, expenses or any other monies or losses suffered by the customer as a result of Bulleen Screens reclaiming possession of the goods.

15. The delivery date quoted overleaf is an approximate date of delivery based on the information available to Bulleen Screens at the time of placement of order. The approximate delivery date is not binding upon Bulleen Screens which will use its best endeavors to meet the approximate date given to the customer. Failure to meet the approximate delivery date shall not be construed as non performance by Bulleen Screens and will not provide grounds for the customer to cancel the order in the event approximate delivery date is not completed on time.

16. Orders for supply only are at customer’s own risk. Bulleen Screens accept no responsibility for incorrect measurements.

17. If customer has been advised in writing that manufacturing is complete and that Bulleen Screens is ready to deliver or install, then goods must be installed or collected within a maximum of 3 weeks from the date of notice. If goods are not collected or installed due to a delay by the customer, then goods must be paid in full at the expiration of the 3 week period. If goods are not collected or installed within a further 3 week period, then storage fees of $50 per week will be charged, which must also be paid in full before goods will be released.

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